Apollo Patios
Strategic brand repositioning and logo development

Strategic brand repositioning and logo design

Project: Responsible for brand workshop including national research, customer and team interviews and brand sentiment, setting new values, mission and vision statements, brand architecture redesign, company brand proposition and positioning, national communications strategy, logo design development across portfolio and new tagline, writing key messaging, new collateral design direction and detailed style guide. A comprehensive brand story was developed including positioning statement, brand essence, brand story, brand experience, brand personality and target market strategy.

With a change in management, the Apollo Patios brand wanted to take a deep-dive inwards to assess how best to take the brand into the future. Through insight-led workshops, market research and in-depth audit of the brand, quickbrownfox was able to develop a powerful new brand proposition and corresponding brand story and logo design to give the brand a new lease on life, meeting their desire to help their customers to build a better lifestyle and love where they live.

Apollo Patios before after

Relaunch Apollo Patios nationally, repositioning their brand values, mission, vision and brand image, positioning the company as modern, connected and in line with their brand archetype, with the view to increasing sales, attracting new clients and customers alike, and building a strong connection with the market to increase brand awareness and sentiment. 


Strategically reposition the brand to present a more modern image that better connects with the needs and wants of today’s consumer. Create a better emotional connection with the key target markets through a strong brand story delivered through both the new logo and the new tagline, “inspired spaces”.  Through a detailed brand and market audit, develop more aligned brand and company values, mission and vision statements to take them into the future. Realign the brand architecture, designing new logos across the portfolio that conjures a sense of strength, know-how, credibility, warmth and attainable prestige. 


New brand values, mission, vision and brand story informing the brand architecture, logo and tagline design, stationery and collateral materials. Comprehensive workshop, market and brand audit which helped identify their core values, brand archetype, brand personality and tone of voice, resulting in a refreshed direction for connecting with their audience and providing an emotional connection through their genuine desire to help people love where they live. Direction was provided for new website, social media, collateral materials and relaunch communications.

Apollo Patios work

Excellent customer and team feedback and ecstatic Board of Directors with the results.