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Cutting through will come from a clear brand strategy

brand strategy Phenix Find the One

My mother had one just like it. One diamond for each daughter. A love that sines forever. I am the third. Phenix – find the one.

When Phenix, a primarily B2B jewellery business, wanted to move into the B2C sector, they realised they were up against the might of many very well established brands – both on and offline. They needed a solid brand strategy if they were going to make it.

Until now, it was more about relationships. But if you’re going to cut through in a cluttered and mature market, you need a solid brand strategy or you’ll wind up not connecting at all.

Taking them through a structured deep-dive into their business, their customer profiles and competitive landscape, we were able to find an emotionally engaging brand story that resonated deeply with their target market.

We were then able to write them a detailed communications plan to get their message out in the right channels to connect with their audiences.

The strategic task

As lead strategist, the task was to delve deeply into the global market landscape to understand the audience personas, key purchase drivers and barriers and where the brand could ‘win’.

To uncover their ideal brand positioning and story, delivering on a communications plan and creative that would set a compelling tone with the audience.

Having a solid brand strategy to work from, the creative team were able to develop the most beautiful work that was tonally on-point with captivating messaging that would build an enduring connection.

And that’s the trick. You have to understand who your audience is and what they desire. And you have to know who your brand is, what is stands for, and most importantly, why. That’s where you find the connection.

It’s about bringing your audience along for the journey with you. Holding their hand and having them want to hold it back.

We loved working with the Phenix team to deliver this. And can’t wait to see all of the elements roll out.

You can read more about how we delivered on this strategy whilst at Engine in this article. And if you’re looking to find the one – check out Phenix.

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